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Property Management

We understand that professional management of your property is essential.

Ormsby Realty Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing the highest quality service available.
Our systems are the best available in today’s marketplace.
Services that we provide our clients with are as follows:

Income and Funds Management

  • Calculate rents, outgoings and other charges or amounts to be collected from tenant
  • Invoice tenants at least ten working days before due date
  • Collect rents and other monies in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement
  • Promptly inform the owner with immediate advice of the remittance, for optimal financial management
  • Collect any arrears in accordance with a debt collection policy agreed in consultation with the owner
  • At the owners request, initiate any necessary legal proceedings
  • Ensure that outgoing recoveries are adjusted with tenants at the end of each financial year (and termination of tenancies) and that appropriate charges are recovered or credited
  • Report to the owner on any matter that may warrant a claim on any insurance policy and attend to all insurance claims in respect to the property

Expenditure Management

  • Prepare and submit budgets annually for approval where applicable
  • Pay operating expenses on the property, if authorised to do so by the owner
  • Monitor the operating costs of the property and investigate and recommend to the owner any potential cost saving measures
  • Ensure compliance by Tenants with all terms and conditions of their leases
  • Maintain an up to date tenancy schedule and provide this to the owner as requested
  • Recommend to the owner prior to any market review date, appropriate rent for the premises and negotiate such with the tenants
  • In consultation with the owner negotiate the exercise of options for the renewal of the lease
  • Process applications for assignments or sub-lettings, in consultation with the owner
  • Where Tenants vacate the premises, ensure the satisfactory completion of all outstanding matters, in particular the collection or recovery of all monies
  • Liaise closely with the tenants to ensure prompt processing of their requests and suggestions and generally seek to develop, maintain and promote an effective working relationship with them

Building Management

  • In consultation with the owner select, engage and replace as required, independent contractors to maintain, service and repair the property, its services, facilities and the associated grounds
  • Ensure all contracts and other agreements are formalised in writing and properly executed
  • Maintain a diary of dates for contract performance, termination, renewal and other relevant matters
  • Regularly inspect the property to check on its state of repair, cleanliness, operation etc. Take action as appropriate to rectify any problems as soon as possible
  • Undertake any necessary repairs or other expenditure on the property where prior approval from the owner is NOT required as agreed
  • Ensure that the tenants are provided with appropriate details on the operation of the property and its services
  • Generally ensure compliance by tenants, contractors and management with all relevant statutory requirements
  • If required advise owner on any insurance matters relating to the property

We ask that we be appointed to manage your properties to provide the most professional and thorough property management available.

The services outlined in our submission will form the terms of our appointment & will be attached to the appointment to act.

Thank you for the opportunity to explain our services to you.

We would be pleased to clarify or elaborate on any aspect of our management submission.